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EST. SEPTEMBER 8th, 1997
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Hollywood Spotlight - Reviews [U-571]



Reviewer: Sean Kelly [Staff]


        U -571 is the story of a WW2 U.S. Navy covert operation to recover Nazi communication encryption equipment from a faltering submarine in need of repair assistance. The story centers on the executive officer (XO) who must overcome his own short-comings in making command decisions in order to save the lives of his men and lead the mission to success.

I feel that the directing of this film was pretty decent. At no point was the presentation of the movie on camera confusing or disorienting (as seen in Saving Private Ryan). The acting was very good. While there were a few familiar faces, theree were many new ones, all of whom I felt did a commendable job in a film which tells much of the story with facial expressions. Aside from the first few opening scenes where the sailors are at a party with festive music, the majority of the music was intense and dramatic, hightening the sensation of tension during scenes at all the right moments, making a good impact. The sound effects were great with explosions, water effects, creaks and moans coming from all directions. The writing is where I think this film suffered, and only slightly there. There were momentary ripoffs from several films and strange moments of confusion which were not completely believable (was this the script or the acting? I have a feeling it was a little of both). I think a bit more originality would have bin in order. One thing that I DID like was that, moreso than in several other films, the equipment and weaponry of the warships were put to more thorough use which gave the presentation that the covert team utilized all resources available to it.

My biggest, biggest complaint about this film which made it "so-so" for me is that it's a blatent copy-cat of the film Das Boot. Das Boot had better presentation, better acting, excellent sound, more intense plot and action and on top of it all - an ORIGINAL plot. U-571 is almost an exact copy of Das Boot only from the opposite team. Where Das Boot focused on the Germans, U-571 focuses on the Americans. whee. If you find yourself enjoying U-571, do yourself a favor and check out Das Boot if you've not yet seen it! (warning, Das Boot is a full 1 hour longer than U-571) So in summary, while I think this film was good, had it's moments and was entertaining, it also had faltering points and was anti-climactic having been over-shadowed in my mind by Das Boot.

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