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EST. SEPTEMBER 8th, 1997
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Hollywood Spotlight - Boxoffice Bonanza Archive


By Marc Flemming

      For the Week Ending: August 20th, 2000 [ KEY ]

1. Cell / $17,200,000
The Cell comes off as the big movie at the boxoffice this weekend as it demonstrates its colorful, imaginative and terrifying look into the mind of a serial killer. Personally, if I wanted to jump head-first into the mind of some deranged lunatic, I'd pull out my DVD of Bill Clinton. [Review Me]

WR: New | LWR: NA | T: 2,411 | C: $17.2M

2. Original Kings of Comedy / $11,700,000
Perhaps I don't know comedy like the rest of you, but I've frankly never heard of any of these guys by name - though the faces are familiar (Friday or Bootie Call anyone?). Someone apparently enjoyed a good laugh as this Spike Lee joint pulled in a hefty sum from very few theaters - comparitively speaking. [Review Me]

WR: New | LWR: NA | T: 847 | C: $11.7M

[Read Review] 3. Space Cowboys / $9,900,000
A group of old men drop Viagra for the weightlessness of space. After all, everyone knows gravity isn't a factor while in orbit. [Review Me]

WR: 3 | LWR: 2 | T: 2,835 | C: $54.2M

4. Replacements / $7,500,000
Awhile back - a strike plagued the NFL and replacement players were brought in. They were criticized, unadmired, and unappreciated. Replacements does all it can to demonstrate what DIDN'T happen. [Review Me]

WR: 2 | LWR: 3 | T: 2,754 | C: $23.7M

[Read Review] 5. What Lies Beneath / $7,100,000
Harrison Ford physically looks like he's ready to battle Nazi Germany again - trouble is - this isn't Indiana Jones. But this spooky thriller (predictable at best) seeps back into the Top 5 after floating, water-logged, in the 6th spot last week. With the money this title has brought in - Ford has once again justified his high salary (to obviously satisfy his high cost of living, such as payments on Helicopters and the like - so that he can continue his side job of rescuing stranded adventurers from mountaintops). [Review Me]

WR: 5 | LWR: 6 | T: 2,760 | C: $123.7M

WR - Weeks in Release
LWR - Last Week's Ranking
T - Theaters Showing
C - Cumulative Gross

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