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EST. SEPTEMBER 8th, 1997
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Hollywood Spotlight - Boxoffice Bonanza


Please Note: The following consists of a weekly account of the latest stats at the Boxoffice. For a peek at the details of weeks passed, please visit our [ARCHIVE]

By Marc Flemming

      For the Week Ending: August 27th, 2000 [ KEY ]

1. Bring It On / $17,400,000
This movie clearly targeted two groups of people: The young teenage girls aspiring to be cheerleaders ... and all the sexually deprived males that were suckered in by a cheap ploy in the way of a TV Spot full of T&A. Hey, that's why I went. [Review Me]

WR: New | LWR: NA | T: 2,380 | C: $17.4M

2. Art of War / $11,200,000
Wesley Snipes is back fronting the lead role in another film that might as well just be called Passanger 57 8. He's back in this one fighting World War III off with a stick in a movie that might have made a better impact if this were still the 80's. Wait - Wesley Snipes - a better impact? Nevermind. [Review Me]

WR: New | LWR: NA | T: 2,630 | C: $11.2M

3. Cell / $9,600,000
The Cell drops two spots to No. 3 at the boxoffice this weekend as it demonstrates its colorful, imaginative and terrifying look into the mind of a serial killer. Personally, if I wanted to jump head-first into the mind of some deranged lunatic, I'd pull out my DVD of Bill Clinton. As strange as this movie is, I'm beginning to wonder if the screenplay is some sort of autobiography. How else would someone be able to think this stuff up?? [Review Me]

WR: 2 | LWR: 1 | T: 2,430 | C: $33.7M

[Read Review] 4. Space Cowboys / $6,600,000
A group of old men drop Viagra for the weightlessness of space. After all, everyone knows gravity isn't a factor while in orbit. [Review Me]

WR: 4 | LWR: 3 | T: 2,754 | C: $63.8M

5. Original Kings of Comedy / $6,100,000
Perhaps I don't know comedy like the rest of you, but I've frankly never heard of any of these guys by name - though the faces are familiar (Friday or Bootie Call anyone?). Someone apparently enjoyed a good laugh as this Spike Lee joint pulled in a hefty sum from very few theaters - comparitively speaking. [Review Me]

WR: 2 | LWR: 2 | T: 875 | C: $21.4M

WR - Weeks in Release
LWR - Last Week's Ranking
T - Theaters Showing
C - Cumulative Gross

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