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EST. SEPTEMBER 8th, 1997
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Hollywood Spotlight - Boxoffice Bonanza Archive


By Marc Flemming

      For the Week Ending: April 30th, 2000 [ KEY ]

1. U-571 / $12,300,000
Avoiding potential sinkage by what has to be a terrible film (No.2), this film sits at No. 1 in its 2nd week in the theaters. A film strikingly similar to Das Boot, but with enough tension, storyline, and originality to surely stand on its own. Face it, Das Boot is a forever long film, as far as German U-boats in World War II go, what else could possibly have been done? [Review Me]

WR: 2 | LWR: 1 | T: 2,615 | C: $38.2M

2. Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas / $10,800,000
This film can not possibly be good. It's horrific enough that the first one was able to be created - and that it actually had Steven Spielberg's name tatooed on it. This sequel of sorts did well as parents undoubtedly found a way to keep their children quiet for an hour and a half. This weekend, we reviewed Gladiator and before the start of the film, the host jokingly announced that due to a shipping issue, we would be watching the latest Flintstone's flick. We were not at all pleased. [Review Me]

WR: New | LWR: NA | T: 3,037 | C: $10.8M

3. Frequency / $9,100,000
In its first week, Dennis Quaid's latest film since Any Given Sunday performs underpar taking the No. 3 spot. It seemed to not pack enough punch in its marketing run to favor a stronger audience than the "caveperson" happy crew that walked in to the theaters this weekend diminishing its chances to finish higher on the charts. Any filmmaker would be insulted. [Review Me]

WR: New | LWR: NA | T: 2,621 | C: $9.1M

4. Where the Heart Is / $8,300,000
Jumping into the line-up and straight to No. 4 is a film about a homeless teen who bears her first child on the floor of a Wal-Mart store. I hope she had the common sense to secure the child in a child seat on her way out. [Review Me]

WR: New | LWR: NA | T: 2,437 | C: $8.3M

[Read Review]
5. Love and Basketball / $5,500,000
Once again - a bad, bad film given the respect of being part of the top 5. Competition must really be down. [Review Me]

WR: 2 | LWR: 2 | T: 1,245 | C: $15.9M

By Marc Flemming

      For the Week Ending: April 23rd, 2000 [

1. Rules of Engagement / $10,900,000
The suspense filled military law film sticks around in the No. 1 spot cutting Ms. Bullock and her crew from a high spot atop the totem pole of Hollywood Boxoffice prestigiousness. These numbers at the top of the list sure are reflecting the low attendance numbers of these closing winter months. [Review Me]

WR: 2 | LWR: 1 | T: 3,155 | C: $25.9M

2. 28 Days / $10,400,000
Sandra Bullock's latest film jumps onto the bigscreen again in for the No. 2 spot. It's contents have the actress in drug rehab. Without knowing much about the film, one is likely to think that her starring in countless stereo-typed romantic roles drove her to drugs. Er, wait - I think I might be crossing reality with fiction. So easy to do with the way Hollywood is now adays. [Review Me]

WR: New | LWR: NA | T: 2,523 | C: $10.4M

[Read Review]
3. Keeping the Faith / $8,200,000
Hilarious. This is a comedic film with a hint of romance done right. Edward Norton directs his first film and produces a top-notch comedy with originality that sets it apart from the rest. For a full rundown on this film, read the review! [Review Me]

WR: New | LWR: NA | T: 2,158 | C: $8.2M

4. Erin Brockovich / $7,000,000
Another Julia Roberts flick making money. Surprise, surprise. Too bad I can't stand her. [Review Me]

WR: 5 | LWR: 2 | T: 3,004 | C: $99.3M

[Read Review
5. The Road to El Dorado / $6,200,000
A decent animation flick from the talent at DreamWorks. Only problem is that this film seemed to forget who it was catering to at times. [Review Me]

WR: 3 | LWR: 3 | T: 3,223 | C: $31.3M

      For the Week Ending: April 16th, 2000 [

1. Rules of Engagement / $15,000,000
When you see the 'Jerry Bruckheimer' opening logo and hear the trademark music from previous Bruckheimer films playing during the trailer (in this case it was Hans Zimmer's score from Crimson Tide), you begin to wonder if this Producer breeds his own directors in some secret bunker surrounded by mines and a bunch of rabid, flesh eating dogs. But, with all that said and done - we've actually got a fairly good film here! Tommy Lee Jones does an excellent piece of work portraying the likes of a humble military lawyer and Samuel L. Jackson compliments Jones' performance nicely. Despite Bruckheimer's ongoing need for action, chaos, death and mayhem - there's actually good character development here. So, it would seem that he's exercising a little more control in his choice of scripts! Great film! [Review Me]

WR: New | LWR: NA | T: 3,155 | C: $15.0M

2. Erin Brockovich / $9,800,000
Fortunately for my own sanity, Julia Roberts has seemingly found her way back into a film that is not a romantic comedy. Considering her recent pattern of success in roles that she will forever be stereo-typed, yours truly normally finds it unsurprising when she delivers in such a role in just another example of the extremely blah-blah romantic landfill material that finds its way past a studio's screenplay-screener's desk. However, it's nice to see her pull her weight in something with a little more substance like The Pelican Brief. The film dropped from the No. 1 spot to the No. 2 in its fourth week. But allin all, my true inner self asks why she doesn't just drop off the planet, I don't know. Now, if only "big" Arnold would make a villian out of Julia Roberts in one of his films. [Review Me]

WR: 4 | LWR: 1 | T: 3,004 | C: $89.6M

[Read Review]
3. The Road to El Dorado / $9,100,000
Dropping a spot from last week's No. 2 post, the DreamWorks' animation with Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh sports the occasional joke that isn't just 'goofy', but otherwise plays host to some bad music by Elton John. The film sits good for average entertainment, looks great, but doesn't sit well with anyone particular as it seems to project an identity crisis. [Review Me]

WR: 2 | LWR: 2 | T: 3,223 | C: $25.1M

4. Return to Me / $7,800,000
Newly released, this film stars the likes of Minnie Driver and David Duchnovy. While I must say that Mulder [David Duchovny, X-Files] is a just short of "god status" in my book, the book of boxoffice revenues would like to say differently, short of his X-Files movie release. While romantic movies of any kind aren't my cup of tea (cyanide?), when factoring in the strong presence of Minnie Driver, the long term fate of this film is uncertain. [Review Me]

WR: New | LWR: NA | T: 2,007 | C: $7.8M

5. The Skulls / $6,500,000
And finally, this movie strives to make a quick exit as it dives from the No. 3 spot to No. 5 from last week. This secret society seems a little to secret for its own good. [Review Me]

WR: 2 | LWR: 3 | T: 2,416 | C: $20.2M

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T - Theaters Showing
C - Cumulative Gross

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