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EST. SEPTEMBER 8th, 1997
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DVD Video - Title Selection
Terminator 2 (Special Edition)

Release Date: 8/29/2000
MSRP: $39.95

Studio: Artisan

Year: 1991

Rating: R

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick, Edward Furlong, Earl Boen

Directed by: James Cameron

   Movie Summary: [Action/Adventure]

    A deadly assassin is sent back in time to succeed where his cyborg predecessor failed - to eliminate Sarah Connor's son before he gets a chance to make history, leading the humans in a war against the machines. The original cyborg also returns, but this time as the boy's protector. A dazzling display of special effects and make-up. Academy award Nominations: 5. Academy Awards: 4, including Best Visual Effects.


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DVD Features
2.35:1 (16x9), DD 5.1 EX, DTS 5.1 ES, THX, DVD-18 (double sided, dual layered)

DVD Exras
3 versions of the film: 1) 2.35:1 (16x9) - original theatrical version 2) 2.35:1 (16x9) - Special Edition version with 15 minutes additional footage 3) 2.35:1 (16x9) - hidden alternate version with 5 minutes of never before seen footage / New packaging-Metal Slipcase Limited Edition / 32-page booklet / Audio commentary with 26 cast and crew members / "The Making of T2" documentary / "T2: More Than Meets The Eye" / "T2: 3D - Breaking the Screen Barrier" / Additional hour of supplmental material / Entire screenplay / 700 storyboards / DVD-ROM website access / Theatrical Trailers and Teasers

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  • Easter Eggs
    Feature: View the 3rd version of this film - the 'Extended Special Edition'.
    Procedure: There are two ways of accessing this edition of the movie. 1) Access Side 1 of the DVD. From the main menu, enter the 'Special Edition' submenu. The object here is to light up the Terminator's other eye. Highlight - but do NOT select 'Play Special Edition'. Using your remote control, enter the numbers for Judgement Day (82997 = August 29th, 1997). The method of entering these numbers may differ from player to player. Some people may be able to enter each number one at a time while others will need to follow each number by hitting 'Enter'. If you've managed to locate the means of performing this procedure successfully for your player, you will see the words 'The Future Is Not Set' appear one by one. Upon the completion of these words, both eyes of the Terminator will glow red. Highlight and select the NEW selection 'Play Extended Special Edition' to see this 3rd version. If you're having troubles performing this, see option No. 2. 2) Using your remote, select Title 3 while playing Side 1 of the disc. This will immediately take you to the 3rd version (but of course takes all the fun out of it).
    Submitted by: DCN Staff.
    Editor's Notes: This 3rd edition of the film contains an additional scene showing the T-1000 searching John's bedroom and also includes the "Future Coda" alternate ending (3 minutes of additional footage).
    Feature: Preview Japanese Teasers and Trailers.
    Procedure: Performed on Disc 2. In the Trailer Menu in the bottom left-hand corner, there is an small square that when pressed takes you to the teasers and trailers for Japan.
    Submitted by: CJD
    Editor's Notes: This feature is not a documented addition to the supplements.

    Feature: Here's a new one for you. Therein the 2nd disc lies a few random animations and a few words of advice and a warning from the John of the future.
    Procedure: Using Disc 2, load up the main menu. Now wait about 20-25 seconds. You will notice that something begins to occur on the menu. If you see the lower left box begin to change, move and select the box quickly before the animation ends. You will have only a few seconds to do this. There are two different animations that can occur in the box leading to different results. A third animation is a bit eerie, keep an eye out for it. You need not select anything when you see this one occur, just keep your ears open and your eyes peeled. These different events seem to occur at random on the main menu with about 20-25 seconds between each one. If you wait too long without taking any action, the animations will cease. You must stop the disc and start again. Have fun.
    Submitted by: DCN Staff
    Editor's Notes:

    Defects & Bugs
    Description: Chapter 65 Tanker Chase locks up. Nothing allows rest of chapter to play.
    Player(s): Pioneer (Various)
    Resolution: Try another copy of the disc. If you still have problems, try locating another copy of the release that is not the same number of discs. See Editor's Notes below for more information.
    Status: widespread

    Editor's Notes
    While the original pressing of T2 is on a DVD-18 disc, Artisan has released the title on 2 RSDL discs in order to keep up with demand. Production of RSDL discs is much easier than DVD-18. There is currently a Terminator 3 in pre-production starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. A director is yet to be named. A Terminator 4 is being planned as well. See the Special Report for more details.

    Last Updated: , October 15, 1999

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