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EST. SEPTEMBER 8th, 1997
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    DVD Video - Rumors


    Please Note: For the latest OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS, visit our Announcements page. The following are strictly intended as rumors and may or may not come to fruition. All non-official information encountered is considered a rumor until otherwise noted. Again - many of these rumored titles will inevitably be announced for official release. Older rumors are found in the [ ARCHIVE ]

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    • Dogma (Special Edition) is delayed due to some of the supporting material. It appears that some of the content in the "behind the scenes" segment contains "bad-mouthing" of Disney and its ways which politically conflicts with the management behind the release of this title. As of a January 25th, this title supposedly hasn't gone to master yet. This information originates from an employee of a prominent video store in North Hollywood who spoke directly with Kevin Smith. Thanks goes to Michael Matlock.
    • Warner Bros. & Boy Toy Inc. are to release Madonna - Blond Ambition Tour 90 on DVD (& VHS). It has been 10 years and after all the hype, they have decided to release it by May 2001. Thanks goes to Harvey Hart.
    • MGM will begin shipping all their future DVD titles with English subtitles.
    • A successful campaign headed by the Digital Bits has resulted in the strong possibility that the first complete season of Friends will be released by the end of the year. Warner will pay particular attention to consumer feedback in the future when it comes to porting television shows over to DVD. It appears as though their 'Best of' approach to these television shows is not very popular.
    • MGM has upped the anty when it comes to monthly DVD releases by becoming the studio of major studios that releases the most DVD product in a month's period of time. April's releases are circulating and here they are: Adjuster, Boxing Helena (Unrated Version), Broadway Danny Rose, Fellini's Roma, Fellini's Satyricon, Forever Mine, Hannah and Her Sisters, How I Won the War, King of Hearts, Live Flesh, Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy, O.K. Garage, Purple Rose of Cairo, Radio Days, Rocky (Special Edition), Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky V, Rocky Collection, Serpent's Kiss, Some Like it Hot (Movie-Only), Some Like it Hot (Special Edition), Tank Girl, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Woody Allen Collection #2, and Zelig.
    • Warner Bros. has no plans to release more DVDs with DTS tracks at this time. The few they originally released [Lethal Weapon series, Twister and Interview with a Vampire] did not return sales favorable enough to lead Warner to continue down this path. They will consider DTS on a title-by-title basis where consumers stress a strong interest in the combination.
    • Despite the success of the motion picture, Columbia TriStar has no more plans to release additional episodes of Charlie's Angels to DVD.
    • The rights for Glen Garry Glen Ross have been settled and the title now lies in the hands of Artisan Entertainment.
    • We will update our database with detailed features in the near future, for now - check out MGM's march release list: All Dogs Go To Heaven, All Dogs Go To Heaven 2, Big Country, Birdman of Alcatraz, Bishop's Wife, Elmer Gantry, Fluke, Fortune Cookie, Greatest Story Even Told, Getting Even with Dad, Halelujah Trail, Hans Christian Anderson, Hendrix, Jackie Robinson Story, Lillies of the Field, Lion in Winter, Long Riders, Miracle Worker, Napoleon, Support Your Local Gunfighter, Support Your Local Sherrif, Twelve Angry Men, Vera Cruz, Wild Bill and 'Yours, Mine & Ours'
    • Our latest editorial contains a hefty LOAD of upcoming DVD releases throughout 2001 from all the major studios. If you haven't already seen it, be sure to check them out on this page.
    • DCN recently attended a press conference with Brian Singer, director of the X-Men film (coming to DVD on 11/21), where he dispelled rumors indicating that there would be a *new, different and revised* Special Edition of the film released to DVD in the future as had been detailed in news reports and interviews with the director. Singer explained that he has thought about additional types of things he could put on a more advanced Special Edition of X-Men in the past and has voiced these thoughts, but there are absolutely no plans to release a different Special Edition of X-Men now or in the future at this time, he said.
    • What does Criterion have in store for us in the coming months? Here's a sneak peek at some of the titles you can expect to see from them (see our database for more information where available): Big Deal on Madonna Street, Children of Paradise (Special Edition), Cocktail Molotov, Coup De Torchon, Cousin/Cousine, Dodes' Ka-den, Double Suicide, Haxan, Hidden Fortress, Horse's Mouth, Ivan's Childhood, Knife in the Water, Lady Eve, Mon Oncle, Mona Lisa, Monsieur Hulot's Holiday, My Man Godfrey, Playtime, Rashomon, Rock (Special Edition), Ruling Class (Director's Cut), Scarlet Empress, Shop on Main Street, Spartacus (Special Edition), La Strada, Tales of Hoffman, Le Trou, and Wild Strawberries. Details on most of these discs will follow in the coming days.
    • Disney will be setting a few of their own standards with their current and future DVD releases. Some of these will be:
      • Full screen basic feature releases for the casual movie watcher and special widescreen editions for the movie buff.
      • Anamorphic widescreen transfers for all films that were released in a widescreen aspect ratio in theaters.
      • Discontinuing the use of non-skippable trailers at the start of a presentation. Trailers will still be included on some standard DVDs (not special editions), but a message will be included indicating that they can be skipped at anytime.
      • A new line of 10 Platinum editions (one released a year) will debut in 2001.
    • Future of MGM and DVD: MGM invited a few journalists to their studios to discuss their renewed commitment to DVD. In the near future, MGM will make every attempt to include anamorphic transfers, Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks, English Closed Captions, and the abundance of extra features that many of their previous releases lacked. All of these feautres and the technical specifics of the discs will be outlined in a new feature grid on the packaging.

      MGM will up their monthly release of titles by up to 4 times (for a total of 300-400 titles in 2001) by releasing titles under separate branded lines, such as: Avant Garde, Contemporary Classics, Midnight Movies, Soul Cinema, and World Films. Amongst these monthly titles will be a 1-2 special edition titles that pack a punch, ala Fox's features: Abyss, ID4 and Fight Club.

      The studio has also taken on a three tier pricing structure similar to Warner Bros. starting with catalog titles at $14.98 to special edition features at $26.98.

      MGM released their plans for DVD releases in January of 2001:
        1/2/2001: Autumn in New York, Crime and Punishment in Suburbia

        1/9/2001: Benny & Joon, Cutting Edge, Love Field, Man in the Moon, Moll Flanders, Mystic Pizza, Untaimed Heart, When Harry Met Sally (Special Edition), In the Heat of the Night (Special Edition), The Organization, They Call Me Mister Tibbs!, Black Ceaser, Black Mama, White Mama, Coffy, Cotton Goes to Harlem, Foxy Brown, Friday Foster, I'm Gonna Get You Sucka, Sheba Baby, Slaughter, Slaughter's Big Rip Off, Truck Turner

        1/23/2001: Mr. Accident, Babette's Feast, The Bride Wore Black, Camille Claudel, Jean De Florette, The Man Who Loved Women, Manon of the Spring, Mississippi Mermaid, Small Change, The Story of Adeleh, Alice's Restaurant, American Buffalo, Dance with a Stranger, Desert Hearts, I Shot Andy Warhol, Longtime Companion, River's Edge, Suture

      The following titles are among some of the titles we can expect later in the year:
        Some Like It Hot (April), Magnificent Seven (May), Princess Bride (Special Edition), Buckaroo Banzai, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Stargate SG1 episodes (all throughout the beginning-mid year), Hannibal, Terminator (Special Edition) (both later in the year)
    • The release of X-Men: Phoenix Saga on 10/24 may be cancelled at any time as a lawsuit between Universal and Saban Entertainment/Fox Children's Network is pending. The suing companies argue that the release of this television series to DVD might impact the ad money that could be garnered from the television series.
    • Stargate SG1 fans stay tuned - a recent 'Gatecon' convention indicated that more episodes were on their way to DVD in the near future.
    • Criterion has indicated that their release of Spartacus (Special Edition) has been delayed until the 1st quarter of 2001 rather than the earlier predicted release in late 2000.
    • Upcoming releases: Scary Movie (10/17), Cinderella and 9 1/2 Weeks, Gone in 60 Seconds, Trois and Big Momma's House (11/28), The Doors (Special Edition) and Me, Myself and Irene, Shaft (2000) (12/5), Road Trip (12/12), Bat 21, Gorky Park, Mouse on the Moon, and Sid and Nancy (12/19), Dinosaur, Disney's The Kid, Space Cowboys, Nutty Professor 2, and Road to El Dorado (December), CHUD (1/29), Barbara Streisand: The Concert, Bruce Springsteen Anthology, Cher: Live in Concert, Elvis: That's the Way it Is, Imagine: John Lennon, Hoop Dreams, Lost in New York, Long Good Friday, Natural, Omega Man, Pink Floyd: Pulse, and Program (2/5).
    • Look for Lawrence of Arabia being released in the first few months of 2001.
    • P.T. Anderson's website has DVD producer Mark Rance indicating in an interview that he's working on a few upcoming projects such as the Trois Colours Trilogy: Blue, White and Red, boxed sets for The Crow and John Waters, and Twin Peaks.
    • Look for Paramount's Untouchables [Sean Connery, Kevin Costner] (with both a fullscreen and anamorphic widescreen transfer) to arrive sometime in the coming months, possibly in time for Christmas.
    • In the next few months watch for the following to arrive on DVD: An Officer and a Gentleman, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, She's Having a Baby, Snow Day, Cheech & Chong: Still Smokin, Sunshine, Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke, The Virgin Suicides, and White Christmas. Following those releases will be Conversation and the recent re-make of Shaft.
    • In addition to Space 1999, A&E will be putting out releases of other classic television programs such as Thunderbirds, Stringray and UFO. More to come when details solidify.
    • Three recent major films are getting closer to DVD. Look for X-Men to arrive 11/21, Mission Impossible 2 to roll through on 11/14 and Ridley Scott's Roman epic, Gladiator, to street on 11/14 as well. A Sci-Fi film from earlier this year, Pitch Black, is leaning towards a release date in November arriving in both 'R' and 'Unrated' flavors.
    • The highly praised Chicken Run will get its own digital make-over on DVD just before Christmas or soon after New Year.
    • Universal will follow-up their initial DVD release of this film with a Collector's Edition - Christopher Reeves' romantic Somewhere in Time as well as a Collector's Edition of Touch of Evil. Look for these titles around 10/31.
      Information from VSDA 2000:

    • MGM has a few special editions up their sleeves for next year. Look for a special edition release of The Princess Bride, Wings of Desire, Buckaroo Banzai, Mystic Pizza, The River's Edge, and When Harry Met Sally. You wanted it - you got it. MGM is going to release an all new special anamorphic widescreen edition of Terminator with a remixed DD 5.1 mix - instead of the DD mono release found on the current Polygram title. Look for that next year.
    • Columbia TriStar is working on releases for the popular best picture winner Tootsie and The Natural. The studio is also bringing Lawrence of Arabia, Bridge Over River Kwai, and the long awaited release of Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 2001. In addition to these releases, CT is producing special editions for In the Line of Fire and Legends of the Fall.
    • Warner has plans for the boxoffice failure Battlefield Earth in October with Annie Get Your Gun and Perfect Storm following. Closing out their unannounced future titles is the word that the complete Loony Toons collection is on its way to DVD.
    • The upcoming special edition release of Terminator 2 from Artisan will carry the first ever exclusive THX DVD trailer.
    • Star Wars release to DVD is still up in the air. Fox has indicated that they are waiting for Lucas' support on this project and currently he is tied up with the pre-production of the latest Star Wars film.
    • Look for The Simpsons in February of 2001. Buffy the Vampire Slayer will proceed that release by hitting shelves in January. Currently, M.A.S.H., Harsh Realm, Millennium and Outer Limits are being considered for released to DVD. The X-Files will continue to make its way to DVD with a new season roughly every 6 months.
    • At VSDA, Fox mentioned that they are putting together extensive DVD special editions of Titan A.E., X-Men, and Me, Myself & Irene for release later this year. In particular, Fox raved about the Titan A.E. transfer which is good to hear since most who saw the film can agree that the visuals are top notch.
    • Fox DTS support update: This year, the studio will be releasing six titles with DTS soundtracks. Some of those titles include: Speed, Last of the Mohicans and Courage Under Fire (all anamorphic). Soon after in 2001, the studio will re-release the Die Hard Trilogy with anamorphic transfers and DTS soundtracks.
    • DreamWorks has plans for bringing Chicken Run and Road to El Dorado to DVD prior to the end of 2000. Also look for a 2-disc special edition of Gladiator sometime in November.
    • Universal has U-571 ready to go for December, Pitch Black a few weeks prior to that, all of their Alfred Hitchcock titles are in production, and the long-awaited Legend from Ridley Scott will see the light of day in November. Further down the road will come a few Spielberg releases: E.T. and Schindler's List and Back to the Future Trilogy in 2001.
    • New Line's 2-disc platinum edition of Seven is on the way later this year.
    • As we reported a week or so ago in our database, supposedly the latest word on the Godfather Trilogy is that it won't be ready for for a 2000 release. We should expect these films to arrive to DVD in early 2001.
    • Fox is about ready to make the DTS move by rereleasing some of their DVDs with the alternative digital surround format.
    • A release date for Paramount's Braveheart is closing in. Rumor has it that we should soon expect an official announcement for this title to see the light of day this coming August. We've outlined some of the features of the disc in its database entry.
    • We've come to hear that Toy Story 2 is looking good for DVD from Buena Vista in October day-and-date with the VHS version. The disc won't carry any spectacular extras as we're sure it's on its way in a Special Edition format soon after the release of this movie-only edition. The disc will indeed be anamorphic. We'll see if we can verify this with Buena Vista in the coming days.
    • With X-Files Season 1 released on DVD, it would appear as though the fans want more (but of course)! So, then let's appease that desire with a bit of word on upcoming plans for Season 2. It looks as though X-Files: Season 2 should be headed our way this coming November 7th. I'm looking forward to it!
    • MGM has not verified this yet, but sources at the studio indicate that Princess Bride is rumored to contain an anamorphic transfer.
    • Fox has also leaked that word that The Simpsons are on their way to DVD. No further details are available.
    • While New Line has delayed the release of Magnolia to DVD (new date: 8/29), the studio will also be releasing a new two disc set of Boogie Nights.
    • Upcoming titles from Columbia TriStar:
      • 20 Million Miles To Earth
      • Earth vs. the Flying Saucers
      • The Three Worlds of Gulliver

    • John Wheldon, creator of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series, indicates in a recent interview that the series is in the planning stages for release on DVD.
    • Sound effects pro, Walter Murch, has recently spoken about his involvement in sound effects editing in Apocalypse Now and how a new project with the film has been rekindled for a future re-release of the film in theaters (and subsequently a release to DVD) including new footage.

    • Spielberg update:
      • Rumors travels fast as usual and right now the writing on the bathroom wall spells out upcoming releases in September and October for Jurassic Park and The Lost World: Jurassic Park, respectively. Back to the Future has been expected for some time now, but suffered delays that should push it to a release in early 2001. While Close Encounters of the Third Kind is prepared for DVD, the productions plans are not moving anywhere at this time. Finally, E.T. is rumored for a possible release around the same time as Back to the Future - 1st quarter, 2001.

    • MGM update:
      • June:
        • Desperately Seeking Susan
          • Audio commentary
          • Alternate ending
        • FX
        • FX 2
        • Hot Spot
        • Lightfoot
        • Married to the Mob
        • Missing in Action
        • Supernova
        • Stonebrook
        • Thunderbolt
      • July:
          Three Strikes
        • American Pipe
        • Annie Hall
        • Banannas
        • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex
        • Interiors
        • Love and Death
        • Manhattan
        • Sleepers
        • Stardust Memories
        • Woody Allen Collection (8 DVDs)
        • Easy Money
        • Henry 5 (1989)
        • The Best Years of Our Lives
        • The Princess Bride: SE
      • Oliver Stone, Box Set
        • Any Given Sunday
        • Heaven and Earth
        • Platoon: SE
        • Natural Born Killers
    • Fox update:
      • Star Wars - Rumors (sourced from G.Lucas interview with KROQ-Los Angeles) indicate that current work is being done on Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The DVD is rumored to contain unfinished scenes intended for the film and be presented in an anamorphic transfer. No word on when this release will "officially" occur.
      • Anna and the King - This title is being delayed from a day-and-date release with VHS so that the director can get involved in the creation of a 2-disc special edition. Estimated release: fall of 2000.
      • X-Files, Season Two - All of season two is undergoing preparation for release to DVD. Estimated release: November.
      • Planet of the Apes, Box Set - August
      • Edward Scissorhands - September
      • The Beach - 7/4
      • The Rocky Horror Picture Show - October
    • HBO update:
      • Sex and the City, First Season - May
      • The Sopranos - The first season of this show will hit DVD pending the success of HBO's other sitcom DVD release.
    • Warner Bros. update:
      • The Green Mile - June
      • The Whole Nine Yards - July
      • Goodfellas: SE - TBA
      • The Exorcist: The Director's Cut - TBA
      • Superman 1-4, Box Set - A restoration of these discs should be underway soon. - TBA
    • A&E update:
      • Monty Python's Flying Circus Set 5 - May
      • Monty Python's Flying Circus Set 6 - May
    • Columbia TriStar update:
      • Hanging Up - 6/27
      • The Eyes of Laura Mars - 6/6
      • Girl, Interrupted - 6/6
      • What Planet Are You From? - July
    • New Line update:
      • Next Friday - June
      • Boogie Nights: PE (a newer updated version) - July
    • Rhino update:
      • My Favorite Martian - 5/23
      • Coach - 5/23
    • Paramount update:
      • Braveheart - This film's release to DVD has been delayed in an effort to allow Mel Gibson a part in the creation of the disc. A commentary track among other features will result. Estimated release: August.
      • The Talented Mr. Ripley - June
        • Audio commentary with director
        • Featurette
        • Making-of the soundtrack
        • Two music videos
      • Star Trek: Next Generation - First episodes. Estimated release: October.
      • Dead Again - June
      • Harold and Maude - June
      • Clue - June
      • Angela's Ashes - July
      • The Next Big Thing - August
    • Universal update:
      • The Hurricane - July
    • Buena Vista update:
      • June:
        • Bicentennial Man
        • Blood In, Blood Out
        • Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo
        • Play It to the Bone
        • Twin Warriors
        • Gun Shy
        • A Goofy Movie
        • Fun & Fancy Free
        • Make Mine Music
        • Pocahontas

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