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EST. SEPTEMBER 8th, 1997
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    Extended Special Report [A Story of Passion, Controversy, Espionage, and the LAPD ... all Up In There N’ Stuff] - Page 4

    Studio Day 2000

    Movie Critic, Leonard Maltin signing autographs.
    What the heck is studio day? I’ve actually had a few interesting people ask me that when I asked if they would be attending. Most notably, some of the uneducated reps of studios local to that area. Sure enough - while some may have not been there, many others have been and were in attendance this year. In simple terms, ‘Studio Day’ is an event where representatives from studios, BIG and SMALL, show up to talk to each other and more importantly - with us - the consumer.

    This year’s event would be the 13th annual ‘Studio Day’ at Dave’s Laser in sunny Southern California (and it WAS for once). The crowd turned out in large amounts and by adding the HTF group to the mix we certainly overloaded the ‘maximum occupancy’ limitations of the building.

    Dave and Linda Lukas ran the show and entertained the group by gathering everyone around to give out prizes donated by the studios. And as usual, I won nothing particularly special (in the end, it seems as though everyone won a consolation prize from Disney which was a comforting touch).

    It was here that I ran into a number of people I knew and talked with previously, but had never met face to face including Steve Gustafson of Complete Post, Mark Atkinson of DreamWorks, and Peter Bracke of DVD File, to name a few.

    The true light at the end of the tunnel for you readers out there is the resource of knowledge walking through the aisles there and I made every attempt to take advantage of that. Following is a summary of DVD release information that I was able to record between my buddy and I over the course of our trip to Southern California. Read on and enjoy:


    Five Star Collections:
    Die Hard (2 Disc Set) - 2nd quarter, 2001
    Cleopatra - 243 minute version on Fox’s first 3 Disc Set - 2001
    M*A*S*H - Audio commentary and documentary - 2001
    French Connection - 2001

    Special Editions:
    Big Trouble in Little China (Special Edition) - Commentary with John Carpenter and Kurt Russell, deleted scenes and alternate ending - 2nd quarter, 2001
    Die Hard 2, Die Hard 3: With a Vengence - 2nd quarter, 2001 (all have DD/DTS)
    Marilyn Monroe 6 Disc collection (5 films including: Seven Year Itch, Gentleman Prefer Blondes, How To Marry a Millionaire, Bus Stop and There's No Business Like Show Business + bonus disc containing a new documentary and 45-minute cut from Monroe’s “lost” Something’s Got To Give) - 2001

    Double Features:
    Porky’s/Porky’s 2, Revenge of the Nerds/Revenge of the Nerds 2 - February, 2001

    Standard Releases:
    Alien Nation, Enemy Mine, Zardoz - March, 2001
    X-Files Seasons 3 - 1st quarter, 2001
    Simpsons - 1st/2nd quarter, 2001
    Ice Storm, Point Break (DD/DTS), Chain Reaction, Unlawful Entry - 2nd quarter, 2001
    X-Files Seasons 4 - 3rd quarter, 2001
    Kagemusha - 3rd/4th quarter, 2001
    Star Wars: Episode 1 - 4th quarter, 2001
    Laura, All That Jazz - 2001
    9 to 5, Working Girl, Grand Canyon, Hello Dolly, Miller’s Crossing, Nine Months, Rose, That Thing You Do, Cacoon - production pipeline (2001/2002)
    Star Wars (original trilogy) - “No comment.”


    North Dallas Forty, Necessary Rougness, Longest Yard - January, 2001
    Untouchables, Terms of Endearment - 1st quarter, 2001
    Star Trek: Motion Picture, Ghost, Love Story, Top Secret, Paper Moon Once Upon a Time in the West - 2nd quarter, 2001
    Star Trek: Next Generation - 4th quarter, 2001
    Sunset Boulevard, Warriors, Longest Yard, North Dallas Forty, Sons of Katie Elder, Shootist, Wayne’s World 1 & 2 - 2001
    Crocodile Dundee Trilogy - Before 2002
    Godfather, Apocalypse Now (Extended version) - Late 2001/Early 2002
    Forrest Gump, Elephant Man - 2001/2002
    Indiana Jones - Won’t happen in 2001.

          Universal (absent from Studio Day)

    Back to the Future - 2001


    Steal This Movie (Special Edition), Million Dollar Hotel (Special Edition), Leprechaun 1-4 - 2001

          Warner Bros.

    Special Editions:
    Superman (DVD-18) - May, 2001
    Ben Hur - 2nd quarter, 2001
    Goonies (w/ deleted scenes) - 3rd/4th quarter, 2001
    Blade Runner - 4th quarter, 2001
    Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (30th Anniversary Edition), Waiting for Guffman, Best of Show, Citizen Kane - 2001
    Chariots of Fire, Beetlejuice, Batman - 2002

    Standard Releases:
    Superman 2-4, Superman Box Set (containing all 4 films) - May, 2001
    Dr. Zhivago, Gremlins, Gremlins 2: New Batch - 3rd/4th quarter, 2001
    Babylon 5 (season by season releases), Kubrick Box Set (new replacement) - 4th quarter, 2001 (at earliest)
    Treasure of Sierra Madre, Man Without a Face, Lost in America, V, V: Final Battle, Defending Your Life, Victor Victoria, Thing (original), Rio Bravo, Giant, Mutiny on the Bounty (1936) - 2001
    Loony Tunes, Stephen King Box Set , Nightbreed - in production for 2001/2002
    King Kong - (undergoing restoration)


    English Patient (Special Edition), Nixon (Special Edition), Tron (Special Edition) - 2001
    Snow White - 4th quarter, 2001 (possibly)


    What Lies Beneath (Signature Selection) - 1st quarter, 2001
    Contender, Almost Famouse (possible extended cut) - 1st / 2nd quarter, 2001
    Legend of Bagger Vance - 3rd/4th quarter 2001

          New Line

    Special Editions:
    Dancer in the Dark, Lost Souls (DTS) - 1st/2nd quarter, 2001

    Standard Releases:
    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (w/ deleted scenes) - 2nd/3rd quarter, 2001
    The Mask (DD/DTS), Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, Desperate Living, Hairspray and Polyester - 2001


    Special Editions:
    Princess Bride, Carrie - 3rd/4th quarter, 2001
    Terminator - 4th quarter, 2001
    Greatest Story Ever Told, Some Like It Hot - 2001

    Standard Releases:
    Some Like it Hot - April, 2001
    Magnificent Seven - May, 2001
    Buckaroo Banzai, Jason Goes To Hell - 2nd/3rd quarter, 2001
    Apartment, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Jason X, Sure Thing, Valley Girl, UHF, Fog, Bill and Ted’s movies - 3rd/4th quarter, 2001
    Hannibal - 4th quarter, 2001
    Rocky Box Set (containing 5 films), Dances with Wolves, Silence of the Lambs, RoboCop (series), Dressed to Kill, Blow Out, Howling, Running Scared, Bio Dome, Roadhouse, Stargate SG1 (episodes) - 2001

          Columbia / TriStar

    Special Editions:
    Lawrence of Arabia (2 Disc) - 1st/2nd quarter, 2001
    Mask of Zorro - 2nd quarter, 2001
    Final Fantasy (2 Disc) - 2nd/3rd quarter, 2001
    Last Dragon , From Here to Eternity - 3rd/4th quarter, 2001
    Avalon, A Passage to India, Krull, Kramer Vs. Kramer, The Natural, The Prince of Tides, Ice Castles, Tootsie, Dogma, Funny Girl, Gandhi, In the Line of Fire, A Few Good Men, Dr. Strangelove, Absence of Malice, Fly Away Home, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Remains of the Day, Anaconda, Monty Python and the Holy Grail - 2001

    Standard Releases:
    Close Encounters of the Third Kind (most recent Director’s Cut) - 2nd/3rd quarter, 2001
    On the Waterfront, Casualties of War - 3rd/4th quarter, 2001
    1776, 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T, Age Of Innocence, Beast, Blob (1998), Bride, Celluloid Closet, Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams, Gas Food Lodging, Great Muppet Caper, Hanover Street, Indian In The Cupboard, Ishtar, Karate Kid (sequels), Luc Besson Box Set (5 movies), Muppet Movie, My Life, Postcards From The Edge, Safe, Shadow Of Doubt, Short Circuit 2, Slackers, Suspect, Things Are Tough All Over, Three Ninjas, Three Stooges (episodes), Threesome, True Believer, Used Cars - 2001

    Star Sightings:

    Leonard Maltin, esteemed movie critic.
    Brent Spiner, Actor. [Data of Star Trek: Next Generation, Independence Day, Phenomenon]
    A Star Is Born, movie on the shelf at Dave’s Laser.
    A Star In Porn, I swear this is a movie I saw on the shelf at Dave’s Laser, maybe not.

    After Hours, Part 4

    Coming down off the high of ‘Studio Day’, we returned to the hotel scene where we relaxed once again at our favorite location tossing back a few frosty cold ones in a manner that had become second nature. The fun-filled days had come and gone and tonight would be our last. We would be spending one last time harassing one another about each other’s audio/video equipment and taste for film. We would also be spending the last bits of time together personally getting to know one another on new levels.

    The last hurrah would be held at Hard Rock Cafe in Universal City that evening. We gathered on the second floor that night having a large part of that floor to ourselves. We merrily stuffed ourselves with an assortment of pre-arranged foods, paid up, and then said our good-byes - as most of us would be leaving in the morning. I’m pleased to say that at least one of the attending H.T.F enthusiasts was able to obtain a waitress’ phone number. You go boy.

    The three of us - my buddy who had come along for the trip, Peter Bracke of DVD File, and I headed out across the City Walk circuit in hopes of locating those special gifts I had nearly forgot to buy for my girlfriend (major save). Once that mission was accomplished, we headed back to Peter’s place to drop him off at his place and scope out the DVD File pad. Post-conversation cottonmouth was setting in and the group had become pretty thirsty (Thanks for the water, Peter!). After some lengthy discussion with our newly watered down oral apertures, my buddy and I headed back to our hotel for one last evening in North Hollywood.

    Little did I know - the drama was a few short hours away from taking a personal turn.

    Packed and ready to roll the next morning, my buddy and I strolled down to the parking lot where we exchanged a few minor bits of information by yelling at the top of our lungs. Throats hurting, heads pounding - we barely noticed our car sitting askew halfway out of its parking spot - the bumper tore nearly half off.

    “Where were we last night?”
    “Hard Rock Cafe.”
    “Was there any drinking involved?”
    “Yes, but just of the H20 sort.”
    “[Multiple Expletive Deleted]”

    A mock-up of what our car might have looked like if it had been hit ... harder.
    The remainder of the next hour was spent on the phone filing a hit-and-run report with very same people that had woke us up the other night. We shoved the bumper back on as best we could, looked the vehicle over for any damage to the wheels and did our best to suck it all in and head back to Northern California.

    Alas - we had a great time and we weren’t about to let something like that change our outlook on a trip that thoroughly entertained us from start to finish. We feel honored that we were allowed to attend the events that we did with the HTF and share our passion for film and all things related. I wouldn’t have traded anything for the opportunity. Thanks goes out to Ron, Parker, Dave DelGrosso, Martin Blythe, Peter Staddon, and Dave and Linda Lukas for bringing all these people together. We would feel most privileged to attend future events with the Home Theater Forum group and will do our best to make enough mental notes to entertain you - the reader. Oh, and I’d like to finally acknowledge “my buddy” - who indeed actually has a name, yes, Dave Draeger - my operations guy around DCN. Thanks for coming along, Dave. Until next time!

    Star Sightings:

    Aurora Borealis
    The Big Dipper
    North Star
    Samuel Adams
    Gordon Biersch
    Those around my head.

    THE END.

    Pictures Courtesy of: HTF Picture-Taking Crew (Anson, Gregg, Jason, Ned and Ric)

    Wednesday, November 15, 2000

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