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EST. SEPTEMBER 8th, 1997
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    The Life and Death of Divx - Reader Comments

    The Life and Death of DIVX

    Reader Response

    Oh, yes. Divx responses. This was one of our favorite parts of this site back when Divx caused a flame to burn deep within many individuals! We were able to read all types of opinions regarding dear ol' Divx. Read them for what they are worth. Some are quite intelligent -- others -- well, let's just say that the others reflect a little bit of that impulsive attitude we sometimes let sneak through before we think about what we said - or even momentarily fathom whether or not we ever had a point.

    Caution: The following feedback consists of highly disgruntled consumers who's comments have highly been censored due to their highly angered state resulting from knowledge of a lowly technology. Raise your defenses to avoid any corruption that might otherwise adversely affect your senses.

    • I love my Proscan Divx Player, and intend on telling all my friends and family to buy a DVD w/ Divx enhanced technology.

    • (Don't Care.) As an ex-CC employee, I got a 55% discount. I don't use DIVX feature anyway

    • Divx - The sort of Frankenstein you get when you let lawyers do technology!

    • If you are so worried about the land fills maybe you should start and anti-diaper campaign. Most people that buy the Divx movie as rentals hold onto the disc or trade them with others.

    • (No.) DVD is the VHS of the Future (Ed. Note: Is that good or bad?)

    • (Don't Care.) If people want to pay and give out information for the privilege of viewing, good for them. I prefer to own the dvd's I watch, I have DSS for PPV and HBO/Showtime broadcasts.

    • too much crap to deal with

    • divx sucks; whats the point, nobody ever issued vhs tapes in a similar manner.....

    • I rent DVD's for 2 weeks by mail from netflix.com.

    • Open DVD is the Best Format. and [email protected]#$ Divx.

    • Circuit City is big brother watching me.

    • It's a great idea, and allows the best of all A/V worlds.

    • I boycott DIVX resellers

    • This is a clear attempt to monopolize the DVD market that will only end up damaging it and wasting our time and money.

    • I already have DSS and local cable, i don't want or need anymore pay per view.

    • I own one and it's great.

    • Why would I "buy" something that I never, ever really own?


    • (Yes.) What were sales for 4th q 98? (Ed. Note: Sarcasm?)

    • There will be no DIVX Gold you punk-ass bitch!!!!

    • Shame on Circuit City for not admitting obvious defeat, shame on The Good Guys for being bought(bribed), and shame on anyone willing to invest money to a company owned by a law firm!

    • At least DIVX is easy to crack.

    • DIVX: to pay is not to own. Circuit city: Either the dealers knows shit about their DIVX or the dealer just wants to get money out of my pocket by lying to me, because he told me DIVX is the 2nd gen. of DVD, and each DIVX can be upgraded to a silver DVD, and he mentions nothing about the "pay per view" policy on a un-upgraded DIVX. Screw CC

    • What's the point of getting a DIVX? Not to mention their rental fee, but most DIVX players __DO NOT___ play video CD (VCD) while most DVD players do. Besides, with DVD, I could make cool screenshots on computers (if it has a DVD drive), with DIVX, it is just a piece of plastic to the computer.

    • DIVX center sounds like the anti-christ

    • Renting movies for 48 hours for 4.50??? No thanks when I can go to local video store to rent for 1.99

    • Divx is clearly an inferior product. I would hope that the stockholders of circuit city will take a hard look at how their money is being invested. joe bartholdi ocala,fl.

    • DIVX just is plain and simple a BAD BAD BAD THING!

    • This is Junk and the Software companies are on pins a needles hoping it is a sucess. Can you imagine sending Microsoft a fee everytime you use your Word processor. You can bet they would love it.

    • It is a rip off of consumers I hope that if it becomes reality the intenet community will find a hack for it. This could be one possible answer for the movie companies insatiable desire to grab our money.

    • Divx is a ridiculous idea. This pay per play idea sickens me.

    • I and many of my friends have boycotted circuit city because of this divx nonsense. We all have openDVD players and (collectively) have purchased hundreds of open DVD titles. None of that revenue went to Circuit City. Die Divx, Die.

    • Pull your heads out of your ass!

    • Circuit City stock soars!

    • Divx Must Die!!!!!!

    • This is a threat to my privacy. Take it away!!

    • Why do you care! Almost everything available on DIVX is also available on regular DVD. If you don't want the conveninece of DIVX "rental", don't buy a DIVX player. Please get a life.

    • If it is hardware and the data can be read by a dvd player then we can emulate the divx and basically have $5 dvd movies, but if it can't be done then divx should be shoved down the throat of the a$$holes who thought it up.

    • Why rent something you can buy?

    • its still a dvd player..

    • I absolutely refuse to shop at Cirucuit City because of their support of Divx. I could care less if someone wants to own a Divx player (much the same way I could care less if someone uses their pay-per-view cable stations, its just not for me) however, Divx has created rival technology. There are several movies which are available on Divx which aren't available on DVD and vice-versa. How is this meant to have the two formats co-exsist?

    • I've been against it since I read the first news of this format over a year ago. I also have had 2 separate encounters with Circuit City employees not properly selling open DVD vs DIVX and they certainly aren't selling DIVX as a "Rental" option player. The sales staff tell you point blank "do not buy a DVD player that is not DIVX compatible, DIVX is the preferred format and there are currently more titles on DIVX than DVD!" I went nuts and quickly corrected the sales person stating there are approx. 250 working titles on DIVX and over 2000 standard DVD. This prompted a visit from the "department manager", strangely dressed in civilian clothes (pretending to be a DIVX enthusiast). I was asked to leave Circuit City and take my business elsewhere. I'm surprised Mr. Sharp isn't pushing for DIVX-rom drives and a "Pay-per-boot" version of Windows.

    • the best way to buy movies

    • The billing system provides plenty of opportunity for error

    • You can play DVD and DIVX on a DIVX player, you dont need to pay for the DVD on a DIVX player.

    • Okay. Think about this... Hacking a DIVX player is going to be relatively easy. It will be legal too, you own the piece of equipment. I'd rather pay $5 for a movie as opposed to $20. If DIVX becomes mainstream, movies will be a lot cheaper in this respect, while the market being supported as a whole by clubies.

    • I wish people like you would actually go into it with an open mind. It is an option.

    • It stinks of a rip off.

    • i like the divx forfat

    • DIVX purports to "give consumers choice" but only stands poised to yank the treat away once we're dependant on it. Like seedy drug-pushers, Divx only means for us to take the first hit for free...

    • Divx makes absolutely no sense to me, why would I want to purchase a divx disc for more money than I can rent an open dvd disc for which I can also play on any other dvd player unlike a divx disc which can only be played on the player that its registered to without incurring another rental purchase!!

    • I don't like the idea that the machine automatically dials and sends my credit card info over the phone line. also it's not compatible with current dvd players. And with Netflix.com, it is the same as DivX... quite possibly easier

    • I want to choose when too watch a movie and not have to pay for it.

    • i have a dvd player with divx. it's cool. dvd owners should stop whining just because there's something out there with more options than what they have.

    • it's destined for failure

    • Noooooooooooooo........ to DIVX FOREVER

    • I like DVD & DIVX. Two good formats for different people/lifestyles.

    • why not if it also plays DVD? It does not seem to cost $100 more than DVD players as is often stated in anti DIVX comments.

    • waste of money, space, time and marketing

    • Don't want to "rent to buy" featureless disks!

    • yes i love it and hope it goes well..... it is saving my family money

    • The DIVX enhanced DVD player DOES support both formats despite many unimformed consumers. Since some studios will only release their titles on DIVX, why not have the option available?! As for the Big Brother conspiracy, Blockbuster has been able to see what your watching everytime you give them your membership card for years!

    • Forwarded ciurcuit city an email refusing to ever buy anything from them - they never replied.

    • don't like then don't buy it!

    • It sucks a$$!

    • It is an effort fueled by greed.

    • Why buy it for $5 when u can rent it for $2.50.... aint it the same???

    • My child will spend $500 watching "home alone." DIVX is a joke that I hope will flop sooner than later.

    • Boycott any companies associated with the Divx monstrosity... CC, Zenith, RCA, Monster Cable, et al.

    • 1984 in 1998...?

    • DIVX is an all-too-obvious money-making scheme. Only lawyers could think of screwing people like that.

    • It provides better quality than VHS rentals and I don't have to return it!

    • I don't like big brother knowing what I'm watching.

    • Divx is a ripoff. I'll happily buy DVD's!

    • I don't care to be a pay-per view Nielson houshold!!!

    • What's Next...pay per view NFL, CNBA, CMLB...?

    • It hurts the consumer in the long run.

    • I own a DVD player and like the option of owning the movies or renting them at Blockbuster.

    • It's just a way to turn people away from DVD in general.

    • Its a matter of choice and I think that if DIVX survives open DVD will coexist

    • If I wanted people to know what I watch, I'd buy a DBS system.

    • As I see it, there are two kinds of movie-watching-people. Those who watch a movie once or twice, and collectors. The collectors wouldn't want a pay-per-view system for obvious reasons. They want high-quality picture and sound, and often some extra goodies like "making-of" and such. DIVX doesn't support that. The people who watch once or twice wouldn't want to pay big money for buying a new player when the movies are availble to rent on VHS.

    • I can't believe it is even being considered.

    • It's a terrible idea. I love movies, so I'm going to want to OWN movies, not 'purchase' them and then have to pay for additional viewings. Also, why 'purchase' a DIVX disc for $5 when I can rent a DVD at my local Blockbuster for $2.50? What's the point of paying $5 to rent a DIVX disc so I can 'avoid' paying a late fee? Sounds like a shell game.... Also, many of the largest studios (Warner, Columbia, etc.) WILL NOT support this format, so why bother with it? I'll save the $100 premium over a DIVX machine and buy 5 DVD's that I can view as often as I like!!!

    • Convenient.

    • I feel that Circuit City and the supporting studios are thinking only of themselves (and their pockets). DVD is a great format, and should not be hindered by DIVX (enhancement???). I, like many other individuals, enjoy widescreen Titles, as well as other options that Open DVD allow. It appears that the studios and DIVX don't care about the consumers. It's that simple. Why have GOLD discs? It's just like Open DVD at that point, but with lower quality (no widescreen, pics, trailers, etc...) Again, what's the point? My only summation is GREED. I am an avrerage American citizen, with a BA degree, and a job. I am not merely "going off", but simply stating my ability to comprehend DIVX's existance, for purposes other than greed. Thank you for your time. Don Cook

    • STUPID "technology".

    • I like the current system of buying and renting movies.

    • To hell with DIVX.

    • I already own a sizeable collection of DVD's

    • DIVX has only added to consumer confusion about DVD technology. If Circuit City truly wanted DIVX to co-exist with DVD, they would have made the players compatible with current open DVD technology.

    • As far as I'm concerned, Divx is a waist of time and money. If being forced to watch a movie in only pan-and-scan is to be used, I'd rather by widescreen for VHS! DVD sets the new standard for total home-theater entertainment. We have for years watched movies in theaters to see the premeir of new movies and when a film gets released on home video, it is so watered down that it looses the value of "something special" and becomes just an ordinary movie. I'd be safe going the rental route since it isn't being messed with!

    • Keep DVD free. DVD and DIVX should join up...

    • DIVX is an idea specifically designed to make the consumer spend more money then they want to.

    • I did not pay per view for VHS or LaserDisc, NOR do I plan on paying per view for Divx. DVD has my full financial support. I will never purchase a Divx player or media.

    • DIVX = Beta!! I think so!

    • It makes me want to wretch.

    • Circuit Sh#tty is EVIL. Divx is a piece of sh#t. Don't fall for it. Don't underestimate Circuit Sh#tty. Go here and get more info to help kill DIVX......Click here.

    • It's a bunch of crap that I think will fail soon, they under estimate the power of us people on the net that are against DIVX.


    • Let's not have another Beta / VHS war! DVD is a great format, let's keep it that way.

    • Any additional options for the consumer is a good thing.

    • It's poop.

    • I just bought my damned DVD player! Man I feel like I just got screwed!

    • DVD RULES!

    • They will have too much control over the consumer.

    • I stopped shopping at Circuit City. The idea sucks big. It will not succeed.

    • F#ck that ### bullsh#t.

    • Stupidest idea I've ever heard. Sad.

    • F#ck DivX. Open DVD, Free playing rules!

    • No comment needed.

    • I like to OWN my movies and not pay a fee or be connected to some headquarters.

    • DVD does what I need - extra formats are bad for consumers.

    • I dont like the fact of buying movie time! Nor a DVD player with a modem!! Comon thats gay. I would rather go down to my local store and buy my favorite dvd movie. I know alot of major companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Dell, Gateway 2000, Packard Bell, Compaq, and others now support DVD. The future of dvd looks to prosper.

    • Where's the TRUST?? MONEY MONEY MONEY!

    • I like to OWN my movies and not pay a fee, or be connected to some headquarters.

    • DVD does what I need - extra formats are bad for consumers.

    • I dont like the fact of buying movie time! Nor a DVD player with a modem!! Comon thats gay. I would rather go down to my local store and buy my favorite dvd movie. I know alot of major companies such as Inte, Microsoft, Dell, Gateway 2000, Packard Bell, Compaq, and others now support DVD. The future of dvd looks to prosper!

    • Wheres the trust? MONEY MONEY MONEY!!

    • I stopped shoping at circuit city. The idea sucks big. It will not succeed.

    • I don't like the divx technology.

    • I don't want the hassle of a phone line. And how are they going to implement a DIVX player on a computer?

    • Money hungry studios don't realize the consumer will drive them into the red, due to this technology gaining me anything. The way it will work with me is, I will pay the $2.95 pay per view with directTV if I like the movie, meaning its a classic worthy of multiple viewings. ie Star Wars, Indiana Jones. Then I'll pay and buy it. IT's as Simple as that Guys!!!!!

    • Not possible outside the US and its ruining DVD allready!!!

    • It sux, its a slap in the face to dvd owners.

    • I am against any effort by corporate america to thwart the growth of the small buisiness entrepreneur. The current structure of our economy deems it necessary to encourage the growth of small business. After all the do provide jobs and income for the masses. The government should step in and handle this the way they broke up the Phone Company monopoly. That may sound extremist, but if you think about the effect of undermining small business, it is just as damaging.

    • NO! NO! NO! Very anti-customer. Long Live OPEN DVD!!!

    • Pure Greed.

    • I want to have movies from all major moviemakers and DIVX could ruin that by making me have to get a new player just to watch Paramount, Disney and FOX movies. DIVX SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hell no! I think DIVX is a conspiracy to put all video rental stores out of buisness and make it so we all have to buy DIVX machines. Then once we've shelled out $1000 bucks for one of those, the companies get even more money with rentals. It's bullshit.

    • Yes. This will get me back into video. I hate returning tapes.

    • They are always watching us now. They track our every movement. No one is safe any more. Well, let me tell you from the beginning. It all started with Divx...

    • No. They just suck.

    • I Hate it.

    • No comment needed.

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