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EST. SEPTEMBER 8th, 1997
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    Reader's Quick Comments and Responses

    Reader's Quick Comments and Responses

    Quick Comments arrive to us anonymously. This concept of seclusion leaves some of the readers here running at the fingers. Others provide us their own piece of valuable feedback that we have grown to appreciate. While we can't respond to these readers personally, we can offer our feedback here in hopes that our response to another reader's comment or question might be of some help to others. Of course, we commonly wake up on the wrong side of the bed - so we're not about to guarantee a high-level of patience. After all, we're only human.

  • Comment: There is a spelling error in the movie summary for Lionheart. "bare-knickles" should be bare-knuckles.
  • Response: Very helpful! Here we have a model citizen going out of their way to notify us of a spelling error in the summary of a movie that no other reader will probably ever look up again - but this is proof of two things: 1) people care 2) Van Damme still has a few fans that haven't seen 'Double Team'.

  • Comment: This website really has nothing much to do with dvds now. Its all entertainment gossip and box office releases. Perhaps the name should be changed to Entertainment Channel News instead of DVD Channel News.
  • Response: We're not really sure what happened here. It would appear that this individual jumped to one location and failed to realize what the other 99% of the site pertained to. Maybe in a year or so "Entertainment Channel News" might not be such a bad idea - but that'd make an awfully long URL, doncha think? In the future, we recommend that all readers click on more than one link before they judge a site with nearly 10,000 different pages. Just seems kinda logical...

  • Comment: my putor doesn't seem to refresh your page automaticaly is it me or you?
  • Response: I don't know about you, but I just had a beer and feel quite refreshed.

  • Comment: How about offering access to #dvd via this website? :)
  • Response: Great idea actually! And it's something we've already implemented behind-the-scenes, but we're not quite pleased yet with the presentation. And we're still working on that. We'll get back to you on this one.

  • Comment: great... you 'r the best
  • Response: Well, thanks. I hope you can't see that I'm blushing...

  • Comment: Not Good, Minimal info
  • Response: Yeah, we think the same of your comment.

  • Comment: You are the greatest. No other DVD site comes close!
  • Response: Thanks, mom! Er, uhm.. Yes, whoever you are, we always try to do our best!

  • Comment: Doing great! I particularly like your updates on titles, which I find indispensable for making purchasing decisions.
  • Response: Then you'll be pleased to hear that one of these days we'll actually launch a section of the site that will find you the best online location to obtain the cheapest price for any of the thousands of DVDs we have in our always up-to-date database.

  • Comment: i really dont know how to register myself
  • Response: Right. I see. Well, let me see if I can find you the number to Atascadero State Hospital - I'm sure they'll be of assistance in getting you registered with the necessary authorities.

  • Comment: purple is not my favourite colour...
  • Response: Seeing yourself in a dazzling lavender Jessica McClintock might very well change your mind...

  • Comment: Are ther ant parenting DV?
  • Response: Honestly, we haven't had a bad case of ants here at DCN for a such a long time that it would be difficult to determine what their parenting habits are. But, thanks for asking. (Okay, what's the number to Atascadero State Hospital again?)

  • Comment: Your page doesn't work.
  • Response: Yes, that is correct and unfortunately - that page has been unemployed for some time.

  • Comment: Sound of Music when on DVD?
  • Response: 'Sound of Music' when on DVD 8/29/2000. (Note: We're unable to offer a translation of this complex correspondence.)

  • Comment: HOW DO i PLAY DVD ON MY PC
  • Response: First you need to look up occassionally when you type so as to determine whether or not the CAPS LOCK key is engaged. Second - you need to purchase a DVD-ROM player and install it in your system.

  • Comment: Please include a section discussing missing DVD's like Eat Drink Man Woman and Better Off Dead.
  • Response: Have you checked the local lost and found? We swear we don't have your missing DVD's so we can't make that section you want - but we can offer you a DVD WISH LIST where you can leave requests for those discs that are "missing" from our collections.

  • Comment: Great site! Keep up the good work! -ako23
  • Response: We humbly accept your praise.

  • Comment: This is some fat site!!!!!
  • Response: Yes, it's true. As we mentioned above, some of our pages are indeed unemployed and have therefore spent a lot of their time sitting in front of the TV eating Doritos and drinking Pepsi. We're working on a strict diet for those bursting under the belt...

  • Comment: I would like to see every episode of quantum leap on DVD.
  • Response: So would they: 'They.'

  • Comment: When is Predator 2 comming out on DVD?
  • Response: *Flipping around Magic 8 ball* Response: Try Again Later.

  • Comment: Marc, this looks great! -Dad
  • Response: Thanks, Dad! Wait - Dad ... is that you?

  • Response: 'Braveheart' is out in DVD version 8/29/2000. Same as 'Sound of Music'. Is this the same person??

  • Comment: please find any release info
  • Response: Hey, for you ... anything!

  • Comment: Did someone say that my laptop doesnt exist?? It has firewire and is almost a year old!
  • Response: Wow - Atascadero State Hospital better start paying us a referral fee.

  • Comment: Your press release of 4/26 states that Twister and the Lethal Weapon series rereleases will be DD5.1. They are available for preorder every where as DTS 5.1. What gives?
  • Response: Actually, those release were part of Warner Bros.'s first DD/DTS 5.1 releases - discs that had both audio formats to boot.

  • Comment: The menus on the sides are too big, resulting in the opening page not fitting horizonaly on a 17" monitor. It's very irritating to have to scroll back and forth to read the daily news.
  • Response: Get a bigger monitor and up your resolution - 640x480 is as primitive as 640KB of memory. You know our daily news is worth it. :-P

  • Comment: Most of the rumored titles you list have been officially announced for some time now.
  • Response: Wake up and leave our archives. We don't report old news unless there's a darn good reason for doing so.

  • Comment: Given... you have a very clean design... But 800x600 is standard... not 1024x768.
  • Response: We're leading a revolution! Join it or be forever be lost amidst all those Dell users that still haven't realized they can up their resolution from the factory preset resolution of 640x480! Factually speaking, upon looking over the million of unique vists over the last 3 years, our graphs show that users using 800x600 are in a dead heat with those using 1024x768. Yet - we heeded your cries and shortly after the launch of the new site, we reconfigured it to be suitable for watching in 800x600 throughout roughly 90% of the site. We're looking into making new alterations all the time which should only improve the site as time goes on.

  • Comment: It would be most useful to have a way of searching the"broken disc" list for particular DVD player model numbers. Some players seem much more brittle or sensitive than others, and it would be both a great reference for owners of those machines, and a good resource for shoppers looking at purchasing a DVD player.
  • Response: Great idea - and this is something we will be implementing in the future.

  • Comment: Your logo stinks -- what is it supposed to say?
  • Response: After spending a long time looking at it ourselves, we have determined that you are the disgruntled graphic designer that submitted an unused series of logos to us that we told you we could not read.

  • Comment: divx info??? Please say it isnt so, not on this web sight!! The only thing that comes to mind when i hear the divx word is "ON WITH THE BOYCOTT"!!!!
  • Response: Circuit City's DIVX is dead as we all know. However, the Divx codec (MPEG-4 Video / MPEG-3 Audio) is alive and well and unfortunately being used all the time to pirate DVDs. Why it was called 'Divx' after the failed technology - we don't know. The word 'Divx' is surely world renowned as an anti-christ in successful marketing.

  • Comment: I find that your main page here takes a long time to rebulid when scrooling down on my pc at work witch is an older pc.
  • Response: As much as we'd like to support your cause - we won't (we just wanted to say that and be a buncha jerks ... as we did remove the section of the site that caused the refreshing slow down that occurred on slower machines).

  • Comment: this is dvd stuff, i don't want to read about game console news!! -Rudy
  • Response: Is this Rudy from 'Survivor'? Wow - you really are a cranky old fart all the time. Unfortunately for you - more and more console systems are being developed with DVD-ROM drives. What will you ever do?

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