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EST. SEPTEMBER 8th, 1997
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    Sigma MPEG Decoders Proliferate in IP Video Appliances

    MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 8, 2001--Sigma Designs, Inc. (Nasdaq:SIGM - news) announces that their EM8400 MPEG-2 decoder continues to blaze the IP Video trail with a dominant number of design wins in set-top appliances and other streaming video applications.

    With more and more investments in the growth of broadband as well as heightened interest in the entertainment/corporate sectors, IP streaming video looks to be a wave of the future. As evidence of this growing trend, Sigma Designs' EM8400 decoder chip is already in use, or is planned to be in use, for products made by the following companies; Celerity Systems, Colorgraphic Communications, MbyN, Nevco Technology Inc., Visual Circuits and VT Technologies.

    IP streaming video technology is enabling widespread delivery of interactive infotainment. It provides both multicast and on-demand services with an unlimited number of channels/selections in addition to a full range of interaction and integration with Internet services. The advantage to all of this capability is that it is available through the same networks that provide Internet connection -- providing cost-effective bandwidth sharing.

    "The new customers incorporating our EM8400 demonstrate the strength of this growing trend as the entertainment industry implements the most advanced technology,'' said Ken Lowe, vice president of Business Development for Sigma Designs. "Sigma's technology enables and empowers companies to provide the purest form of IP video streaming to customers everywhere as features with full interactivity continue to multiply with amazing momentum.''

    Celerity Systems, a provider of advanced digital set-top boxes and video servers for interactive television, intends to work with Sigma in capturing business opportunities in the video on demand (VOD) and high-speed Internet markets. One of the key features of their new T-6000 digital set-top box is that it gets much of its functionality from software, so that it not only remains current, it grows to incorporate new applications, including download over broadband networks. Celerity chose the Sigma Designs' EM8401 decoder for their T-6000(TM) based on the flexibility it provides. Additional information is available at www.celerity.com/.

    Colorgraphic Communications, a developer of multiple display graphics cards, has partnered with Sigma Designs to create a hardware-based MPEG decoder option for its successful Predator ProMedia video adapter. This adapter will allow users to view DVD or MPEG-based video on the Windows desktop in a fully scalable window that can span multiple displays. Colorgraphic chose Sigma Designs' EM8400 decoder to extend the range of potential input sources for the ProMedia to 10. Additional information is available at www.colorgraphic.co.uk/.

    MbyN, a multimedia device R&D company focused on the digital multimedia industry, uses Sigma Designs' EM8400 in their advanced STB turnkey design solutions and the mediaX reference platform. MbyN's set-top box solutions allow for quick development and their enhanced TV solution features reception of digital DVB-S/T/C, ATSC-HD/SD and conventional analog TV (NTSC/PAL). MbyN chose Sigma's EM8400 because of its high quality video output and its ease of integration into their platform. Additional information is available at www.mbyn.com/.

    Nevco Technology Inc., a Silicon Valley-based company, provides a complete suite of streaming video products that include a video server, a video client, and content management software that allow consumers to access the Internet through broadband connections, and allow high-quality (MPEG-1/2/4) video contents to be delivered to consumers in real-time with true interactivity. Nevco Technology integrates Sigma Design's EM8400 in its video client to allow decode of the MPEG- 1/2 video streams. Further information about the company can be found at: www.nevcotech.com/.

    Visual Circuits, a developer of multichannel digital media solutions for digital signage, training and entertainment applications, has integrated Sigma Designs' EM8400 decoder into several new products. The "Harmony'' is a 2- or 4-channel MPEG-2 decoder PCI card suitable for large scale MPEG-2 video server development. "Monet'' is an embedded-PC, universal digital media decoder designed to support a wide variety of corporate networked media applications. Sigma's EM8400 was chosen because of its flexibility and ease of integration. Additional information is available at www.visualcircuits.com/.

    VT Media Technologies (VTMT), a supplier of set-top computers and related convergent media equipment, designed their VT-900 Set Top Box using Sigma Design's EM8400, National Semiconductor Geode processor and the Macphyter Ethernet adapter. The VT-900 enables Ethernet 10/100 data streams to be converted to composite analog RF data streams or digital S-Video data streams compatible with all standard TV sets. More than 250 channels of various forms of TV-format data have been successfully tested with the VT-900. VTMT chose the Sigma EM8400 based on its high quality standards and ease of integration with the Geode processor. Additional information is available at www.vtmt.com/.

    The EM8400 is a single-chip MPEG audio/video decoder that supports DVD-Video, SVCD, VCD 1.x, VCD 2.0, CD-DA and CD-ROM media formats, with MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 [email protected] video decoding. The product has been shipping in volume for over a year, has achieved more than 40 individual design wins and is based on Sigma Designs' award-winning REALmagic® video streaming technology.

    About Sigma Designs, Inc.

    Sigma Designs specializes in silicon-based MPEG decoding for streaming video, progressive DVD playback, and advanced digital Set-Top Boxes. The company's award-winning REALmagic® Video Streaming Technology is used in both commercial and consumer applications providing highly integrated solutions for high-quality decoding of MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4. Headquartered in Milpitas, Calif., the company also has sales offices in China, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. For more information, please visit the company's web site at www.sigmadesigns.com/.

    Safe Harbor Statement

    This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve significant risks and uncertainties regarding the set-top box market, as well as the features and potential growth prospects of certain MPEG products offered by the Company in these markets. Actual results may vary materially due to a number of factors including, but not limited to, the growth of the set-top box market in general and growth of Sigma products specifically in these markets, the ability of the Company's REALmagic MPEG silicon to compete with other technologies in these emerging markets, the risk that such products will not gain widespread acceptance or will be rendered obsolete by product offerings of competitors or by alternative technologies and other risks including delays in the manufacturer's deployment of set-top boxes. Other risk factors are detailed from time to time in the Company's SEC reports, including the report on Form 10-K for the year ended January 31, 2001 and on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended July 31, 2001.

    Note to Editors: REALmagic® is a registered trademark of Sigma Designs Inc. Contact: Sigma Designs, Inc., Milpitas Ken Lowe, 408/957-9850 [email protected] or Edelman PR Worldwide Stephanie Huang, 650/968-4033 [email protected]

    Friday, November 9, 2001

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