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EST. SEPTEMBER 8th, 1997
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    DVD Video - Reviews [Body Shots]


    Body Shots

    Release Date:

    Studio: New Line
    Year: 1999
    Run Time: 106 minutes
    Rating: Unrated
    Starring: Jerry O'Connell, Sean Patrick Flanery, Ron Livingston, Amanda Peet, Tara Reid, Emily Procter
    Directed by: Michael Cristofer
    DVD Details
    • Widescreen: 1.85:1, Enhanced for 16X9 TVs, Color, Region 1
    See Full Disc Details...

    Reviewer: Augie De Blieck, Jr.


            B ody Shots tries to be a social commentary, but gets lost in also trying to be a movie with a plot. In the end, both fail to work. The DVD doesn't give you much more, and the transfer is suitable, but not spectacular.

    Body Shots is the story of eight friends having a drunken night out. Right away, you can see that there's going to be trouble. The moviemakers are attempting an ensemble piece wherein each character has his or her own segment of the plot. The problem is that the movie only has 103 minutes to work this in, and most of that gets lost in commentary on the dating and sex scenes of the 90s. On that note, the movie makes the argument that dating is the afterthought to sex, and if you're of a mind to disagree with that you're probably going to have a tough time accepting much of this movie.

    In the last third of the movie, the plot takes a turn to attempt to be a commentary on he said/she said court cases. With friends caught up in the middle, an alleged rape becomes the center point of the movie with both sides to blame and both sides not looking too good. It would seem to be a very important event, but most of it appears to have no affects on the relationships between the characters and instead is just used as a bit of commentary on allegations of rape, in general.

    The first half of the movie relies heavily on open and frank discussion of sexual practices amongst young, single, mostly affluent professional 20-somethings. You'll quickly find very few truly likeable characters. (Jerry "Sliders" O'Connell has a good turn here as a particularly sleazy professional sports star.) But they don't need to be. The movie is more about using those characters to comment on matters of relationships in the 1990s.

    The director adds in some pseudo-documentary touches. Each segment of the movie uses a title card. The characters are apt to talk directly into the camera to explain themselves and each other. It's entertaining in a Real World confessional sort of way.

    The DVD includes both widescreen and full screen versions of the movie, in either R-Rated or Unrated format. When you start the movie, a menu screen pops up asking you which version you'd like, showing a frame of the movie in either full screen or widescreen format. The unrated format contains an extra 3 minutes of footage of a sexual nature. (One bit is really funny; you can see the sock the actor is wearing while "nude" to cover himself up.)

    There's a trailer on here and not much else. I would have loved to have a director's or writer's commentary on this one to explain why they made the choices that they did make.

    The video transfer looks good, but I was disappointed at the bit rate that was used. It was appreciably lower than other movies I've seen that included such busy scenes. Some of the detail-laden scenes in the nightclub cry out for a bit rate higher than 4.5 megabytes per second. For the most part, though, the picture is crisp and clean.

    The audio is perfectly acceptable 5.1 surround, care of those fine folks from Dolby, with very little cause for rear surround sound action.

    Body Shots tries a little too hard to be a bit too much. The throwaway plot near the end just winds up feeling like a last-ditch effort from the screenwriter to say something more than detailed descriptions of sex acts. The transfer to DVD is perfectly acceptable, but there could have been - and perhaps should have been - more.


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