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EST. SEPTEMBER 8th, 1997

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    DVD Video Breaking NewsNEW THIS WEEK


    • For some time now, I've slowly obtained DVD's that have been chosen to grace the American Film Institute's Top 100 films of all time in an effort to further my knowledge of film and techniques. I thought perhaps that we could take it to the next step, as others have done, and offer an updated listing of what films on this list have arrived or will be arriving on DVD. And quite a few have made it that far. Our list was generated with the help of those at DVDPost.com - who closed their doors a couple months back.


    • We hope you got off Napster for a moment and were paying attention earlier today. Our announcements section covered the official release status of the entire Superman motion picture series arriving to DVD individually and in a box set. All of this is flying to a screen near you ... around May.

    Our Announcements section is decked out in red and blue tights to celebrate the event (but not really).


    • MGM/UA arrives with their May releases, notably: City Slickers, Magnificent Seven (Special Edition) and Some Like It Hot (Special Edition). Other new DVD titles coming to DVD in the coming months include Ghost (Special Edition), Coneheads, Special Editions of Crow and Crow: City of Angels, and the long awaited Rock (Special Edition).

    Our Announcements section sports the details on these titles and more.


    • When it comes to Men of Honor, Proof of Life, Legend of Bagger Vance, Finding Forrester, Dungeons and Dragons, Snatch and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on DVD - we've got the low-down.

    Our Announcements section always comes in handy for this sort of thing.


    • You see - there's this guy named Lawrence. He lives in this place called Arabia. Apparently he just got a DVD player and has plans to make good use of it. Our Announcements section will likely get you acquainted with the guy.


    • Check out some interesting links: Hot Topics and Intellectual Discussion Message Board and Lower Back Pain Core Strengthening.

    March 20th, 2001
    New Release!

    New Release!

    New Release!

    New Release!

    New Release!
    New Release!

    New Release!

    New Release!

    New Release!

    New Release!
    New Release!

    New Release!

    New Release!

    New Release!

    Nothing To See Here.  Move On.
    New Release!

    New Release!

    New Release!

    New Release!

    Nothing To See Here.  Move On.
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    Friday, November 9, 2001

  • [News] Comdex: Spotlight's back on tech (10:00AM)
  • [News] Veterans' Stories Focus of Civil War Minutes DVD/Video Release (10:00AM)
  • [News] RAVISENT Launches iDVD (6:00AM)
    Thursday, November 8, 2001

  • [News] UPDATE 1-Disney caps fiscal year with bleak forecast (10:00PM)
  • [News] Bleak Forecast Caps Disney's Fiscal Year (10:00PM)
  • [News] Panasonic Introduces Branded Combination DVD-RAM/R Drive-DVDBurner(TM) - For Consumers (11:00AM)
  • [News] Sigma MPEG Decoders Proliferate in IP Video Appliances (8:00AM)
    Wednesday, November 7, 2001

  • [News] FEATURE-Terrorism, recession take toll on showbiz (1:00PM)
  • [News] Mouse House welcomes Baby into Disney family (1:00PM)
  • [News] ''Clones'' hitches new trailer to "Potter'' print (5:00AM)

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