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EST. SEPTEMBER 8th, 1997
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    #DVD Channel News'
    [Alien 3: 'Directors Cut']

    Status Wish List FAQ

    Submitted by Andrew Baker on June 08, 19100 at 05:12:45:
    DVD Title: Alien 3: 'Directors Cut'
    Studio: 20th Century Fox/Fox 2000

    Content Necessities:

    Same extensive Special
    Edition treatment as
    'Fight Club' DVD!
    FULL Anamorphic
    Widescreen a must!!!
    THX certified, etc


    Again same treatment
    as 'Fight Club' DVD

    Disc Value:

    Additional Comments:

    A longer 'Directors
    Cut' of this film is a
    must for all David
    Fincher fans and
    'TRUE' hardcore fans
    of the original
    'Alien' trilogy,
    Alien 3 is a much
    better film then most
    people give it credit
    for, highly underrated
    it's a wonderfully
    dark, moving, powerful
    closure to the
    trilogy. Sure it has
    flaws, but most of its
    problems stem from the
    vast amount of footage
    'FOX' cut from the
    film prior to release.
    If David Fincher had
    been given final cut
    we would have seen a
    much more indepth
    character driven,
    emotionally charged
    film. There is simply
    way too much cool
    stuff wrongfully cut
    from this film.
    Including the most
    famous deleted scene
    involving the brief
    capture of the alien
    during the original
    version of the 'fire'
    sequence half way
    through the film. This
    film deserves
    'Directors Cut'
    treatment, just look a
    the brilliant job done
    by James Cameron with
    his 'Aliens' Special
    Edition! FOX MUST
    revisit and fully
    restore all of the
    cuts made to this good
    film and give us the
    great film originally
    intended!!! The
    success of both the
    longer far superior
    version of 'Aliens'
    and David Fincher
    himself since his
    debut featu


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