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EST. SEPTEMBER 8th, 1997
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    #DVD Channel News'
    [Scarface ('83 version)]

    Status Wish List FAQ

    Submitted by Albert Cruz on March 18, 19103 at 10:43:11:
    DVD Title: Scarface ('83 version)
    Studio: Universal Studios

    Content Necessities:

    In anamorphic glory, with DTS, Dolby Digital audio. Captions, subtitles are also


    Being that the documenatary that was included in the now OUT OF PRINT version was so good add it to a second disc with more interviews, more documentaries dealing with everything possible, commenatary by De Palma (Director), Oliver Stone(screen writer), and Pacino himself. As well as isolated soundtrack and anything else that would benifit this release. (Hopefully re-released Under Universal's Ultimate Edition Series.)

    Disc Value:

    The disc should be resonable yet filled to the brink will bonus materials $24.99

    Additional Comments:

    This movie was discontinued because it was never remastered. Because of this it looked and sounded like crap. Please do this masterpiece justice ans re-release it with the treatment it deserves.
    Pacino's masterpiece turns 20 in December 2003, so lets get going and annouce its release date.)


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