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EST. SEPTEMBER 8th, 1997
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    #DVD Channel News'

    Status Wish List FAQ

    Submitted by Sean M. Kelly on February 14, 1999 at 13:11:25:
    Studio: *

    Content Necessities:

    Mandatory features on all releases:
    * letterbox, anamorphic standard.
    * pan & scan optional.
    * DD or DTS soundtrack standard. (# channels may vary depending on the production)
    * Closed Captioning standard
    * Subtitles in spanish standard on english films. English subtitles on non-english films.
    * Subtitles/other options DISABLED as the default selection
    * theatrical trailer standard
    * chapter indexes for at LEAST 6/hour (scene selections)
    * cast/crew filmographies (list off other films we can get from these people)


    Common extras which tend to be the most interesting:
    * commentary track from director/star/special effects crew
    * cut scenes/bloopers from the movie
    * easter egg features like extra footage/demos/etc..
    * featurettes presenting actors/directors/special effects/etc. (see The Thing SE for how to do this right.)

    Disc Value:

    Let's increase sales and customer satisfaction by dropping the prices!
    $12.99 - Standard release
    $16.99 - SE with special features
    $24.99 - VERY special edition (new feature, higher quality, etc.)

    Production costs on DVD's are reducing. It is ridiculous to see prices increase. Because a LOT of people want a particular movie is not a reason to jack up the price and fatten the studio wallet. Quite the contrary: reduce the price so that ALL but none of the people who want the movie can pick it up and remain a satisfied customer. Resale prices are obviously declining with increased mass production. Why not drop MSRP to what retailers are ACTUALLY already selling the discs for. It's ridiculous not to, and if DVD becomes as cost-prohibitive as Laserdisc once did, it will suffer the same fate: low popularity as a short-term home theater enthusiast fad.

    Additional Comments:

    These features should be standard on EVERY disc! There is NO reason to skimp on ANY DVD release now. The new release movies are coming out with incredibly wonderful features on them. Then old movies come out and they STINK. (Come on Warner, what's with these $9.99 P&S movies like 'Frantic'? Is that your blow to Divx?) An old movie that's been around for years, NOONE is in a hurry to rush off to buy. Take your time and do a good job of the production. There's nothing worse than hoping for a long time for a movie like 'Predator' to come out and have the release offer NOTHING special. I urge you to make DVD more than a disc/technology; Make it a phenomenon/experience!

    -Sean M. Kelly
    [email protected]


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